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Who We Are

We are excited about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and want to share his love and wonderful plan of eternal salvation to all that we meet as we ride through the trails of this life.  

We train Team Roping, Barrel, and Trail horses.  We go to great lengths to train, and build a bond with our horses and will make sure we find the right companion that fits your wants, desires and needs.

We team rope daily and attend 2-3 jackpots a week and several big events each year.  We barrel race and take lots of trail rides.  Our trail horses get hauled to events to make them more confident and desensitized.  Our team roping and barrel horses are taken trail riding and perform ranch work to provide a balance and make a great all around horse. 

This is not a part time hobby for us, this is what we do fulltime for a living.

Dave Granade High-Res - YYY_1147.jpg
Dave Granade SSS_1219.jpg
Dave Granade High-Res - YYY_0586.jpg
Dave Granade HHH_3398.jpg
Dave Granade SSS_2877.jpg
Dave Granade High-Res - YYY_1732.jpg
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