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Cheyenne is a really gentle and easy horse to ride.


She is built like a Ferrari but moves around like a Cadillac.  You will feel really comfortable and safe on her.  Cheyenne has perfect ground manners, loads in the trailer with ease, great with the farrier, and is really laid back and easy going.


Cheyenne has a really nice neck rein, moves well of your feet, hands, and voice commands.


She looks like a million bucks with chestnut color and flaxen mane.


Being lower to the ground has it's benefits as she is easy to mount but still tall enough for serious trail riding, or ranch work.


Cheyenne will make a wonderful addition to your family, and with her sweet attitude and affectionate demeanor you will easily fall in love with her.

  • Photo and Video Gallery

  • Breed

    Quarter Horse

  • Color

    Chestnut with Flaxen Mane

  • Age


  • Gender


  • Hands


  • Discipline

    Trail Horse

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