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Hooey is a very sweet in your pocket gelding that everyone is searching for.  

He is a beautiful grey with black socks and mane.

Hooey grew up his entire life on the same ranch and has hundreds of hours of basic ranch work, checking hundreds of miles of fence line, dragging calves, you name it.  He was a stud in his younger years producing a number of great offspring.  He was gelded 3 years ago.  He has a nice build and moves really nice.

*Works great off leg pressure

*Very gentle 

*Has been in water

*Calm on the trail

*Been in a Parade with cars, flags, sirens, other horses etc.

*Goes out on the trail by himself or with other horses

*Steady to dismount and remount out on the trail

*Not barn sour in the least, very calm and the same speed back as out

*Gets along great with other horses without being buddy sour

*Stalls great or in the pasture

*Can run him on the trail and he goes right back to being calm and walking down the trail

Hooey has a very willing mind and is extremely calm. 


If you are looking to relax and just mosey on down the trail Hooey is your guy.  

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    Quarter Horse

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