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Jasper is a beautiful golden Palomino.


He is very willing and gentle.  


Jasper will make a wonderful companion for the next couple of decades.  It's really nice when you find a horse like this with a gentle soul and a good mind.


Jasper learns really quickly and more importantly retains what you teach him the next training session.


He has an extremely smooth trot, so much that even when he is in the wrong lead you can't tell from the saddle, someone watching you has to point it out.  Jasper is quick footed and moves out fluid and smooth.  He has a really nice natural stop and really gets down.


We will start training him on the roping dummy in the next week and geeting him exposed to cattle.


If you are searching for your next trail buddy, or performance horse Jasper is the one.




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    Quarter Horse

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    Trail Horse, Ranch Horse

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