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Montana is a gorgeous butterscotch Palomino with platinum blonde mane and tail.

She comes from a 5600 acre Texas Ranch here in south Texas.  Montana has ton's of experience with cattle, she lived in a pasture with 500 head so they are like family to her.  She has lots of experience sorting calves and basic ranch work like checking miles of fence line, pasture roping etc.

Standing at 15.1 hands and really well built.  She isn't lean like the typical Palomino's are.  

She moves really nice with a very comfortable trot and a buttery smooth lope.  Montana is very athletic.

Montana moves nicely down the trail at a slow comfortable pace.

She doesn't get hot or in a hurry, Montana is very relaxed and calm.

Here are a few of her abilities:


*Neck reined 

*Knows her seat

*Has a really big stop

*Responds to all leg ques and rein placement on her neck

*Backs up nice, lifts her feet well

*Comfortable swinging a rope above her

We are still in the process of evaluating her abilities at this time.  As we discover more abilities and decide she has the current skill set to compete in roping or barrels we will increase her price and update her description.

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