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Pancho is a finished and seasoned Head, and Heel Horse that is great for a #3 to a #10

There are those rare horses that come along once in a lifetime and Pancho is that horse.  He is the ultimate underdog.  You see him and think he isn't anything special, sling a leg over him and notice he rides around nice like all finished broke horses should.  Then you back in the box, he is nice a calm and when he takes off after the steer you think ok we have something here.  Then he rides the turn on the heel side like a dream.  He puts you in the exact spot on the head side, pulls like a mack truck and faces like lightning!  You can rope on him without a headstall and he will put you in the perfect spot.


A horse like this is hard to find that is built the way we like our team roping horses, short, wide, stout and with serious speed! Pancho has a huge chest, motor, shoulders, and hind quarters, he is in shape and ready for you to start cashing checks.

Fancy broke with a sweet disposition and in the prime of his life Pancho has the combination of skill, physical ability, cow sense, soundness, and honest.

*Knows how to shorten and lengthen his stride 

*Quiet in the box

*Strong to the horn

*Leaves flat and smooth

*Reads cattle extremely well, great at avoiding wrecks at the turn, and steers that pause coming out of the chute 

*Doesn't stab his front feet, he paddles during his stop to keep you from leaning back and increase dally's

*Can handle the pressure

*Score’s like a rock

*Keeps his shoulder up in the turn

*No vices

* True head and heel horse and knows his job

* Will take you to the pay window

* 10 years old has many years left of competition

* No health issues

* Consistent Consistent Consistent!

* Safe horse for beginners, athletic and skilled enough for the pro's

* Rates like a dream

* Faces like a pro rodeo horse

Here are the roping events Pancho has competed in since we have had him:


Gonzales jackpot mulitple times

San Antonio Rose Palace Christmas Truck Roping

BXB jackpot multiple times

Halletsville jackpot multiple times

Jourdanton jackpot multiple times

San Antonio Rose Palace World Series 

Circle T Arena in Hamilton TX NTR

VIP in Stephenville TX

Alice TX jackpot multiple times

Karnes jackpot at Colby Lovell and Paul Eaves roping school

San Antonio Rose Palace Childrens Hospital Roping

Brenham TX jackpot

Stars and Stripes Giddings TX jackpot


2021 Earning ytd:

$41,700 plus multiple buckles and saddles

Pancho is the ultimate babysitter, he is extremely patient with different levels of rider skills, very forgiving and safe to put a beginner on.  He has put us in the shorgo at every roping and cashed a hole in all of them.

He has a big motor, gives you 110% each time and will not get outrun, but any number roper can rope off of him due to how smooth and consistent he is.

Pancho backs in the box like a dream and really knows his job and will let you concentrate on your job.

With this high caliber and good looking of a horse you will enjoy roping and have that serious advantage over your competition that Pancho will provide!

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    Quarter Horse

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    Header / Heeler / Barrels

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