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Pearl is a finished Head Horse.

She is built really nice with huge shoulders, chest and hind quarters.

She is currently being hauled to jackpots and rodeos.

After several jackpots and just competing in the World Series at the famous Rose Palace, Pearl has proven she has what it takes to win!

*Extremely smooth coming out of the box and when she turns to rate.

*Very Fast, she can close any gap, even in a small arena.

*Extremely strong and pulls like a semi

*Good in the box once she knows your the boss.  

*Leaves flat
*Reads cattle well and stays in the pocket

*Rates very well

*Faces very well
*Score’s like a rock

*Loads unloads easy
*No vices
* True big head horse and knows her job
* Competed in High School Rodeo and many jackpots and local rodeos.
* No health issues

* Consistent Consistent Consistent!

* Same smooth left turn each time.

Pearl has fantastic ground manners and is calm the way everyone likes.  Little kids have ridden her and she has all the buttons you would expect from a finished head horse.  She neck reins, side passes, reverse arcs, flying lead changes, you name it.

Pearl will be an excellent companion and being so young will provide you with many years of roping success and great memories!

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    Quarter Horse

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