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Reba is a finished Head Horse, fantastic ranch and trail horse.

If you are looking for a safe horse that you can put someone on that has never ridden a horse before and then take to the jackpot and win the #13 then Reba is for you! 


She is so gentle and quite in any setting, broke in the face, carry's her head low, collects up great and will turn on the jets in the roping arena.

A red roan like this is the perfect combination of size, athletic ability, gentle nature, and good looks.

She is so calm in the box, leaves flat and smooth allowing you to focus on your roping and not worry about your horse

*Quiet in the box

*Strong to the horn

*Leaves flat and smooth

*Reads cattle extremely well, great at avoiding wrecks at the turn, and steers that pause coming out of the chute 

*Doesn't stab her front feet

*Can handle the pressure

*Score’s like a rock

*Keeps her shoulder up in the turn

*No vices

* True big head horse and knows her job

* 9 years old has many years left of competition

* No health issues

* Safe horse for beginners, athletic and skilled enough for higher number ropers

Reba is also great out on the trail and on the ranch.  She is very confident by herself or with other horses.  She can perform all the duties of day work on the ranch and turn it on in the arena.

She has a big motor, gives you 110% each time.

Reba is that hard to find horse that you will drive the wheels off your truck to look for.

  • Photo and Video Gallery

  • Breed

    Quarter Horse

  • Color

    Red Roan

  • Age


  • Gender


  • Hands


  • Discipline

    Header / Trails

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