Reno was bred by Fred Gist from the famous Wagon Wheel Ranch.


Established in 1872 the Wagon Wheel Ranch is widely regarded for the role the Gist family played, under the guidance of Fred G. Gist, to preserve valuable foundation American Quarter Horse bloodlines such as King P234, Joe Hancock, Blue Valentine, Driftwood, Royal King, and more.


Over the course of three decades, Fred Gist studied, tested, and proved certain breeding principles and refined the process with Dr. Ed Heimann’s Genetic Statistics Inheritance System. In doing so, he was able to preserve and increase the percentage of Foundation Blood in our horses, as well as increase homozygosity and hybrid vigor to ultimately create genetic super horses…horses with both above average homozygosity and hybrid vigor. Basically, these super horses are the total package—horses that can consistently reproduce themselves as well as perform.


Reno's registered name is "WILD CREED HANCOCK"   The Hancock bloodline has its super fans and haters alike, but there is no denying the amazing horses that came from Joe Hancock.


We are so excited about Reno's future with us.  We have big plans for him as a corner stone for our breeding program and for his potential to not just be a stud but become a successful athlete for us in the arena of team roping, and barrel racing as well as a companion on the trail.

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    Quarter Horse

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    Red Roan

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    Stud / Header / Heeler


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