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Looking for that calm, more whoa than go trail buddy. Rocky is your man.

He is built nice and can certainly carry a larger rider or of course you tiny ladies that love your big ol' geldings!

We just got Rocky in and he has been out in the pasture for a while so he is out of shape, but it won't take us long getting him back into shape. He holds a trot really well, he doesn't care much for loping so we will be long trotting him to get him in shape and working on his willingness to lope quicker when he is asked to.

If you want to set your reins down on his neck, just relax and cruise down the trail he is already excellent at that.

Check out his videos, the first video is out 1st ride and the videos standing up in the saddle, crawling underneath him are 5 minutes later. That's how quickly Rock makes you feel safe and comfortable.

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    White and Sorrel

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    Trail Horse

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