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Roux came to us as an untouched filly.


She had never had any human contact and was as wild as a horse from the plains of Montana would be!


The very first session working with her she not only led into the round pen from her stall like a champ.  But she handled all her ground work so good we decided to put a saddle on her.  She handled that great so we risked throwing a leg over her and she rode around nice.


Roux has a really nice frame and will make an excellent performance horse, trail horse, whatever direction you want to go.  She has really warmed up to us and likes the attention from people and wants to be with you.


Roux is an excellent opportunity for someone to train her your way and really have an amazing horse to call your own.

  • Photo and Video Gallery

  • Breed

    Quarter Horse

  • Color

    Red Roan

  • Age


  • Gender


  • Hands


  • Discipline

    Project Horse

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