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Roxy is one of those horses that comes along every once in a while that really surprises you with their personality and athletic ability.  She started out a little shy, she had been turned out for about a year and half.  Each day that has gone by working with her has truly been amazing.  

She is such a sweetheart, she will put her head in your lap and give you all the affection you want.  She picks up new things so quickly and you can see in her eye's that she really wants to figure out what you are asking her to do.

We tried her in the roping box and she was so calm, rated perfect and faced the steer on the head side like she has been there done that.  It was truly amazing to see.

She is great on the trail, very athletic but is just as happy going nice and slow and stands calm.

I am so excited about her future and being the perfect age to really mature into a top level horse whether that be on the trail or in the arena or both!

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