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Stetson is the ultimate combination of incredible size, color, and calmness.

He is a gorgeous Buttermilk Buckskin with Black Socks and Mane.

Stetson has been used extensively on a feed lot and has a wonderful handle.

*Neck reined 

*Works great off leg pressure

*Very gentle 

*Calm on the trail

*Goes out on the trail by himself or with other horses

*Steady to dismount and remount out on the trail

*Not barn sour in the least, very calm and the same speed back as out

*Gets along great with other horses without being buddy sour

*Stalls great or in the pasture

*Can run him on the trail and he goes right back to being calm and walking down the trail


Stetson has a wonderful personality and loves affection and to be around people and other animals.


He is what gives geldings their sweet and calm reputation.

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    Quarter Horse

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