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Suede is the Buttermilk Buckskin you have been dreaming of!


He is a perfect physical specimen with that amazing buttermilk buckskin color.  


Suede is so much more than great looks though, he is very safe and calm.  He is so sweet and affectionate like a little puppy dog.


He is so comfortable to ride.  Walk, trot or lope he is like sitting in a rocking chair.


At only 8 years old and extremely smart, Suede can easily go down any performace road.  He would make a top tier roping, barrel, team penning, competitor.


If you simply want to enjoy the wonderful outdoors and cruise down the trail with a safe, solid and gorgeous horse here he is.


If you think he looks good in these pictures and videos, wait until you see him in person.  He will blow your wig off and his sweet personality will have you eating out of his hand!  or hoof!

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    Quarter Horse

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    Ranch horse

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