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Your search for the most beautiful horse in the country just ended!  


Winnie is lights out the best looking horse you will ever lay your eye's on.  And these photos are with her winter fur, I can't imagine how stunning she will be all slicked out.


Beyond her beauty is an amazing ranch horse, that has everything your looking for.  


Winnie is fantastic on the trail, nothing spooks her.  She is extremely cowy, and will cut a cow in half and leave you the change.  Looking for a horse that you can leave for days, weeks, and even months and then hop on with no warm up and she is the same.  Winnie will stay gentle regardless of you riding time.


She is the most gentle and sweet mare I have ever owned.  She loves attention and will be your best friend.  Winnie has a great handle and is really comfortable to ride.  She is not forward at all, will walk all day without being told to slow down.  Want to trot?  You can lock her in and trot all day and she will not slow down or speed up.  Looking for a high end performance horse?  Barrels, roping, sorting, cutting, you name it Winnie has the goods to go any direction you want.


Winnie has several years of experience working cattle on a big ranch and she is so smart it wouldn't take much training to take her a performance direction.  If you just want a safe buddy to cruise the trails with she is perfect for that too!

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    Quarter Horse

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    Ranch horse, trail horse, performance prospect

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