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Yeti has a big build and is very athletic


We have started him in team roping training and he is doing very well.


He tracks the dummy perfect and is very strong to the horn.  Yeti has a nice handle and works really well off of leg pressure.


We just started him on live cattle and he is learning very quickly.  He is a big strong horse and will make an excellent head horse.


The only issue with Yeti is that he gets cold back if he isn't ridden for a while.  He will buck a few times, no full bronc bucking but he will give a few bucks and then is fine after that.  If he is ridden on a regular basis you can tack him up fresh out of the stall and he will walk off nice and quiet with no warm up.


He is really good out on the trail, he just moves nice and quiet and will go whever you want him too.

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    Quarter Horse

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    Trails Team Roping

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