Commonly Asked Questions

Does a horse buck?

This is our number one concern.  We start out with a lunge lead line around their head and the other around their flank.  This will tell you real quick if they have any buck left in them.  We spend lots of hours on the back of each horse to ensure your safety.  While we can never guarantee a horse will never buck we can make sure we do all we can to ensure your safety.

What is your return policy?

We will spend allot of time speaking with you about your wants, needs, skill level as a rider, your fears, and what you want your horse to be able to do.  

We cannot control the treatment of a horse once it goes home, so there is no return policy.

What experience does our trail horses have?

We personally take each horse out on the trail for real world obstacles (water, rocks, heavy brush, birds, deer, hogs, dogs, etc)
We take them out to the road with cars driving by, and all sorts of loud noises.

What are the payment options?

All horses must be paid for in full.  We accept checks, cash, wire tranfers, venmo.  

We don't have any financing options

Trailer loading and unloading?

We train with a 3 horse slant load.  We make sure they back out of the trailer properly and don't turn around.

Standing still and quiet?

We train so that when you stop out on the trail or to talk with your neighbor that your horse behaves and stands still without pawing at the ground, wanting to go or behaving badly.

Mounting and getting out of the saddle?

Your horse should stand still when you are mounting and getting our of the saddle.  We do this several times out on the trail and in the arena.

Barn Sour?

Nothing can ruin a nice trail ride than a horse that wants to run back to the barn or your trailer when you turn around to go back.  We spend lots of time training for this.  We want your horse to go the same speed coming back as they went out.


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