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Welcome to—the official video platform of The Team Roping Journal.

Designed to connect the world’s best team ropers with passionate ropers like yourself, now offers coaching from more pros and trainers than ever before, including:

  1. · Miles Baker

  2. · Jake Barnes

  3. · Trevor Brazile

  4. · Clay O’Brien Cooper

  5. · Rickey Green

  6. · Lari Dee Guy

  7. · Hunter Koch

  8. · Levi Lord

  9. · Kolton Schmidt

  10. · Matt Sherwood

Cactus Ropes

Cactus Ropes are the official rope makers of many great associations and are proud to support the roping and western way of life through corporate partnerships. The PRCA, World Series of Team Roping, ACTRA, Wrangler Team Roping Championships, the BFI, NTRL, and WildFire are just a few of the great roping communities and events sponsored by the Cactus Ropes brand.
If you are new to the roping industry, we say “Welcome!” If you have been a loyal Cactus Ropes user for years, we say “Thank You.” If you are a roper that is interested in trying out a Cactus Rope for the first time, “You will be glad you did!” No matter what level, how long, or how much you love roping, the entire team at Cactus Ropes is here to help you find the perfect rope to fit your individual swing and style.
Grab your rope bag, saddle up, and “Let’s Go Rope!”

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