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Bristol is a finish head and heel horse.  She is a true switchender and fun to rope off either end.


She has a gentle deminor and easy to ride and rope off of.  Bristol has seen the lights at all the big ropings, world series, USTRC, rodeo's and local jackpots.


Whether you are wanting to compete at a high level or simply have fun in the practice pen with your buddies Bristol is the horse for you.


She is also great out on the trail, nothing spooks her and she is sure footed and will build your confidence in the saddle.


Bristol has a fancy handle, side passes, works gates, loads in the trailer with ease, stands nice and quite tied up, behaves in the stall or out in the pasture.  She gets along with mares and geldings.


Perfect horse for beginners to learn to rope and she has the tallent and physical abiliy as your skill improves no need for a step up horse she is the full package.




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    Quarter Horse

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    Finished Team Roping Head Horse, Finished Team Roping Heel Horse,  Team Roping Horse, switchender

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