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Cisco is what everyone is looking for in a head horse.


Big, strong, fast, and all the small details that you expect in a finished head horse.


He rates exceptionally well, and makes it easy to put your rope around those horns.  He won't blow by the cow, and you don't have to frame him up to keep him from dipping his sholder.


Cisco leaves flat and strong and runs strait to the hip.  He really watches the cow and reads them like a finished team roping horse should.


He does not duck out and when you dally he will wait for you to send him left.  


You can side pass or pull strait, he is good with either style.  There are no holes in his game.


Quite in the box, and scores like a rock.  You can let the steer go halfway down the arena and he won't leave until you drop your reins and he has the speed to catch em.


Good steers, bad ones it doesn't matter, he pulls like a mac truck!


Joel Bach from Smarty roped on him and said he really likes that he is a big horse with a short stride.


Faces like lightning saving you those valuable tenths of a second that make all the difference in the higher number ropings.


Just took him to a #11.5 roping with 94 teams and was high call back with 17.23 seconds on 3!  That was with a #5 header and #6.5 heeler.   5 total runs in the 5 second range and several 6 second runs.


If you want to go to the pay window this big fella will take you there.


Cisco does all the other horse things you expect from this caliber of horse, fancy handle, loads, stands tied, easy keeper, and looks like a million bucks even in the winter!


Guys like this don't come up for sale often, not at this price range for sure.


He is great outside the arena as well.  He is really calm and comfortable out on the trail, working cattle on the ranch, dragging calves to the fire, whatever you need done on the ranch he can do.


No matter how hard you work him he never gets hot, he calms down right away and walks with a nice level head.  Cisco is a pleasure to be around, and will be your number 1 pick to ride for just about any ride!


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    Quarter Horse

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    Head horse, Team Roping, Trail Horse, Ranch Horse

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