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Finley is a 7 yr old finished team roping head horse. He is awesome on the heel side as well with a big stop. He has competed and won many team roping jackpots and rodeos. He has also won allot of ranch rodeos as well.

Finley handles like an F16 fighter jet. When you start out training a horse he is what we all hope and pray that they will turn out like.

Has a nice collected slow lope, comfortable trot and very quick footed with incredible speed on the top end. Great in the box, leaves flat, rates exceptionally well, faces like lightning and will not duck out.

Run as many as you want and he doesn’t get hot. You can turn him on and off like a light switch.

He can currently compete in team roping, breakaway roping, ranch rodeo, team penning, sorting, cutting, ranch work, barrels, poles, and is a wonderful safe, gentle trail horse. Nothing spooks this dude.

Clean legged 100% sound and ready to take you to the pay window. Any level roper will get along with him.



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    Quarter Horse

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    Team Roping Horse, Head Horse, Heel Horse, Ranch Rodeo Horse, Barrel Horse, Sorting Horse, Breakaway Roping Horse, 

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