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Looking to build your confidence?


Ollie is a big soggy, safe, gentle trail horse.  He came from a family and was the main horse for a 10 yr old girl, but the entire family also rode him.


When you throw a leg over Ollie he is calm, and waits for your direction.  He won't try and get out from underneath of you.  Ollie will allow you to have fun out on the trail and feel safe.  He doesn't flinch or spook at cars, birds, brush, dogs, etc.


Standing at 15.3 hands high he is big enough for all size riders big and small. 

Even though he has been a trail horse his whole life we tested him in the arena and he was very comfortable, walk, trot and loped both directions with ease.


Ollie gets along great with the other horses, dogs and goats.  He is bottom of the heard type guy so if you have and aggressive horse in your heard he won't try and challenge them.  Loads in the trailer with ease, stands tied, saddles easy, stands still out on the trail when you stop, and just really wants to please.


You will enjoy his smooth ride, and gentle disposition and overall affection.



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  • Breed


    Quarter Horse

  • Color

    Dark Bay

  • Age


  • Gender


  • Hands


  • Discipline

    Safe trail horse

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