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Peaches is a team roping switch ender, ranch rodeo, and fantastic trail horse.


She has a fancy handle but easy enough to operate a beginner can ride her.  Peaches is very forgiving and doesn't get bent out of shape if you don't know what your doing or your a very demanding seasoned rider she just goes with the flow.


Wanted to learn to rope, she is soft and gentle, stays in the pocket to let you learn.  More experienced, she has the goods to take you to the pay window.


She has her winter coat on now, but behind all that fuzzy fur you can see her dapples and with her platinum blonde main and tail plus she will be a beautiful golden palomino in the spring.  


Just want to have fun out on the trail with a horse that will build your confidence and allow you to relax and have fun, Peaches is your girl.



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    Quarter Horse

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  • Discipline

    Team Roping Horse, Head Horse, Heel Horse, Ranch Rodeo Horse, Barrel Horse, Sorting Horse, Breakaway Roping Horse, 

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