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Roman is a big gentle giant and is big framed with lots of muscle.  


He is an excellent team roping switch ender.  Great head horse, goes to his spot rates well and makes it easy for a beginner to catch.  Roman is even better on the heel side, he really hunts the corner, has a big stop and very strong to horn and has the size to hold up to big hits.  He is a great team roping horse for the #11's and down.  Perfect for a beginner roper or a seasoned roper that just wants to relax and rope and not deal with the quirks of a high caliber rope horse.


He is a perfect gentle, safe trail horse.  Very comfortable and easy going to ride and be around.  Roman can be turned out for any lenght of time, brush him off, throw a saddle on him and he will walk off nice and slow with his head down.


Got ranch work?  Roman is very cowy and loves to work.  Tough cattle that require 2-3 horses to work he can handle by himself.  He has great instincts and knows all that needs to be done around the ranch.


Roman would make a great family companion to compete, work, or just have fun cruising down the trail.


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  • Breed


    Quarter Horse

  • Color

    Flea Bit Grey

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  • Discipline

    Head horse, Heel Horse, Team Roping, Trail Horse, Ranch Horse

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